Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So we are finally closing tomorrow!  Wow it took a long time to get everything in order.  We haven't packed a thing yet though.  Luckily I have this weekend off to try and get most of it done.  Our landlords right now are amazing so they will let us take our time if we need it since they have no one yet moving in.  It's just a couple houses down the street so we aren't renting a truck.   The house is gorgeous.  In fact when we first moved here I always drooled over the outside of the house... an updated farm house with a barn!  Perfect country feel even though we are in town.  Never thought it would be for sale.  It was all updated less than 5 years ago so everything is pretty new.  And well it gives us about 2 months to settle in.... ahhhh.  I am scheduled to be induced on November 4th at 39 weeks pregnant.  I am so nervous yet happy and excited about it all but I feel a sense of guilt.... I have this overwhelming feeling that I am betraying my 2 year old son.  Lately he has become very clingy to me more so than usual... maybe he knows change is a coming.  I mean his sentences start and end it with "mama" or "mommy".   He is always saying to Scott, "no mommy do it".  He won't let Scott dress him, brush his teeth, bathe him, give him anything, put him to bed, etc....  I even lifted my shirt up and he says to me "no mommy, don't show daddy Willow".   And if Scott does do it because I for some reason can't, he starts crying his little heart out.  So, lately he has been wanting to sleep with me too, which I don't mind, in fact I kinda love it.  He either won't go to bed without me holding his hand or he wakes up and comes into our bed and he has to have his cheek touching my cheek the entire night.   So sweet it is.  I have always practiced "Attachment Parenting"  and I thought this was supposed to make baby boy independent!   I know it's all just the phases of life for him.  Someday soon he will be too embarrassed to hold my hand!  So for now, I will continue to stare at him while he sleeps and wonder how on earth I got so lucky.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Willow Marlee

We found out on Friday, June 10th, that this little baby growing inside of me is a sweet baby girl.  Yep, Scott gets to  have a mini me running around the house :).  We are so so so excited.  I can't wait to meet her!  And I can't wait to watch Scott fall in love with her.  And watch Henry be so sweet with his baby sister.  

Here are some old pictures from when I was just a little one.  My mom has hundreds of pictures of us so it was hard to pick.  They are in no particular order.

Mom and Carrie; Dad and sleeping Carrie; Mike, Carrie and Janice.

Sleeping Carrie who looks just like Henry sleeping :);  Mom, Dad and Mike; pretty Mama.

Love... Mike and baby Carrie; Carrie holding bunny and Janice in stroller; Janice and Carrie.

Mike, Carrie and Mom;  Carrie....my love for animals started early; Mike, Janice and Carrie.

Carrie, Janice, Mom, and Mike;  Janice, Carrie, Dad, and Mike;  Mike, Mom, and Carrie

Mike and Carrie with Dad; My dad trying to keep my eyes closed for my surprise birthday pony at our house; Janice sleeping on Dad.

Carrie loving her new baby brother, Chris; Yay for Disney world... all 4 of us; Carrie and Dad holding Janice to swim.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update #2

Again, good news, no growth of my aneurysm!  The cardiologist did update me a little and I do know that I will be induced (cardiologist said they want to make sure I am medicated before labor begins so my heart doesn't go into "fight or flight").  My due date is 11/11/11 and if my body isn't progressing towards labor then I will be induced that morning and if anything happens before then, then baby may come earlier.  Cut off for having a c-section is typically at 4.0cm so hopefully it won't grow!  Although, she said if it does start growing at the end of pregnancy I still may end up having a c-section even if it is slightly less than 4.0cm.  Please, please keep the prayers coming that I stay clear of a dissection. 

I have had a few appointments recently -  next one is next Friday for an ultrasound (yay we can find out if it is going to be a girl or a boy).  Names have been picked out.  If it's a girl, she will be Willow Marlee and if baby is a boy, Benjamin George.  Then a couple weeks after that I have to go back for a fetal echocardiogram to make sure baby's heart is healthy.  In July, Henry has to go to Dartmouth to also have some tests done on his heart, as a precaution,  since they do not know if I had the Ascending Aortic Aneurysm while pregnant with him (Henry does have a heart murmur).   

I will keep you all updated. 

Random picture post:

Last summer at Mimi's house.... Henry with his Nana. Love.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful boy!

It's hard to believe 2 years has gone by since Henry was born.  It is such a joy to be able to watch him learn, explore, and imagine.   I see my sensitivity and Scott's energy in him everyday.  I love, beyond words, nurturing and loving him with all my being.

Happy Birthday, my sweet love.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter with Uncle Chris (oh and Aunt Gigi, Grandma MiMi, Brian, and the dogs)

Scott has been so extremely busy for the past couple weeks with work and school that I thought I would go away with the boy for a few days to give him some time to catch up on things.  Our journey started on the Thursday before easter weekend.  First, I brought Henry to playgroup to try and tire him out so he would sleep in the car.  Then we took off (in our new car :)) on our 3 hour drive to Albany, NY to visit with my sister.  I bought a new Dora DVD to try and keep baby boy happy.  As most of you know, Henry has hated the car since he was 2 weeks old.  So anything over a 30 min drive can be a bit draining on us all.  He did awesome though (on the way down).  I <3 Dora and Cheetos.
On our way.
Henry truly LOVES his Aunt Gigi.  They share a special A-frame bond. :)
We made it to Aunt Gigi's!  It was really nice to see my sister and for Henry to spend time with his doting Aunt.  The night was rough though.   I slept with him but he woke up very scared, wondering where on earth he was and it took a few hours to get him back to sleep.  Luckily, my sister is awesome.  

Looking like a big boy these days!

Hiding out at Gigi's.

Then, on Friday it was time to head on over to my younger brothers place in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to meet up with grandma and Brian.  I say "Easter with Uncle Chris" because really it's what it seemed like.  Henry adores his uncle.  And all he wanted to do was be with him every moment.  If Chris were to go anywhere in the apartment or outside, you would hear Henry hollering "Chris.... Uncle Chris.... Chris", sooo very cute.  I must say between my brother spoils his nephew like no other! :)

Hanging with Kota.
Cheeseballs and cartoons with Uncle Chris.

Henry thought 5am was a good time to wake up while visiting.  So,  my bro and I decided to take Henry out to breakfast at "Daddy's Diner" to not wake the house. :)

Good morning grandma mimi.  Henry pretty much asks me on a daily basis to go to "grandma mimi's house".  

Nap ahhhh.
This is an easter outfit my older brother, Mike wore when he was 2 years old (circa 1981).
Lots of laughs together.

Reading together.

Toast in the morning together.

My mom brought the easter basket that I used growing up.  

Slinky... too bad Kota ate it haha.
So, that was our trip in photos.  We then headed back pretty early on Easter Day to spend the day with my hard-working hubby.  And, lucky Henry got 2 easter baskets.... The 2nd that I had filled with fun goodies that Scott gave him when he walked in the door. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good News

So, my aneurysm has stayed at 3.6 cm.  Yay!!!  Thank you, God.  And thanks to all who kept me in their prayers.  I really didn't expect it to grow in just a months time but it was still very comforting and reassuring to hear this.

I have been having chest pain on a daily basis.  The cardiologist doesn't think it is related to the aneurysm and she thinks it may be muscular.  I feel like it's heart pain but I'm hoping she's right.  Even if it is, they can't do much about it right now.  She talked about having a CT scan or a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram) once the babies organs are fully developed.  But right now everything seems promising that I will have a smooth pregnancy.  And maybe this aneurysm won't grow at all!  If it is to grow, it will probably be later in pregnancy when blood volume reaches it's max at around 24 weeks pregnant.  But, with a blood pressure of 90/60.... I don't see it happening :).