Saturday, July 23, 2011

Willow Marlee

We found out on Friday, June 10th, that this little baby growing inside of me is a sweet baby girl.  Yep, Scott gets to  have a mini me running around the house :).  We are so so so excited.  I can't wait to meet her!  And I can't wait to watch Scott fall in love with her.  And watch Henry be so sweet with his baby sister.  

Here are some old pictures from when I was just a little one.  My mom has hundreds of pictures of us so it was hard to pick.  They are in no particular order.

Mom and Carrie; Dad and sleeping Carrie; Mike, Carrie and Janice.

Sleeping Carrie who looks just like Henry sleeping :);  Mom, Dad and Mike; pretty Mama.

Love... Mike and baby Carrie; Carrie holding bunny and Janice in stroller; Janice and Carrie.

Mike, Carrie and Mom; love for animals started early; Mike, Janice and Carrie.

Carrie, Janice, Mom, and Mike;  Janice, Carrie, Dad, and Mike;  Mike, Mom, and Carrie

Mike and Carrie with Dad; My dad trying to keep my eyes closed for my surprise birthday pony at our house; Janice sleeping on Dad.

Carrie loving her new baby brother, Chris; Yay for Disney world... all 4 of us; Carrie and Dad holding Janice to swim.

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