Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So we are finally closing tomorrow!  Wow it took a long time to get everything in order.  We haven't packed a thing yet though.  Luckily I have this weekend off to try and get most of it done.  Our landlords right now are amazing so they will let us take our time if we need it since they have no one yet moving in.  It's just a couple houses down the street so we aren't renting a truck.   The house is gorgeous.  In fact when we first moved here I always drooled over the outside of the house... an updated farm house with a barn!  Perfect country feel even though we are in town.  Never thought it would be for sale.  It was all updated less than 5 years ago so everything is pretty new.  And well it gives us about 2 months to settle in.... ahhhh.  I am scheduled to be induced on November 4th at 39 weeks pregnant.  I am so nervous yet happy and excited about it all but I feel a sense of guilt.... I have this overwhelming feeling that I am betraying my 2 year old son.  Lately he has become very clingy to me more so than usual... maybe he knows change is a coming.  I mean his sentences start and end it with "mama" or "mommy".   He is always saying to Scott, "no mommy do it".  He won't let Scott dress him, brush his teeth, bathe him, give him anything, put him to bed, etc....  I even lifted my shirt up and he says to me "no mommy, don't show daddy Willow".   And if Scott does do it because I for some reason can't, he starts crying his little heart out.  So, lately he has been wanting to sleep with me too, which I don't mind, in fact I kinda love it.  He either won't go to bed without me holding his hand or he wakes up and comes into our bed and he has to have his cheek touching my cheek the entire night.   So sweet it is.  I have always practiced "Attachment Parenting"  and I thought this was supposed to make baby boy independent!   I know it's all just the phases of life for him.  Someday soon he will be too embarrassed to hold my hand!  So for now, I will continue to stare at him while he sleeps and wonder how on earth I got so lucky.